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Since 1990, The Seminar Group has provided affordable registration service to various tradeshows, expos, and conferences. We continue to specialize in small to mid-sized events, both domestic and international. Typically, we register groups from 100 to 30,000 with up to 600 Exhibiting Companies. By maintaining a low overhead, we offer you a wide variety of professional services at reasonable prices.

xpodx© Services

We believe in giving you the customer what you want. Our services range from simple name badge production to full event service including data entry, pre-mailing badges, on-site registration, electronic lead gathering and qualification, ticketing, statistical reporting, QR coded badges and more.

Data Entry

Allow us to put our Online Registration Capability and accurate data entry staff to work for you. By out-sourcing this tedious pre-registration work, you can spend your valuable time planning, marketing, and promoting your event.

Pre-Show Mailings

If you elect, we can even print and mail the name badges or confirmation cards to your attendees prior to the event. We use postage-saving Standard Automation Bulk Mail on qualifying mailings.

On-Site Registration

At the event we oversee the registration area. Our highly reliable technology keeps your lines moving. By maintaining the computer system and instructing the terminal operators we assure you fast moving registration check-in and attractive badges for all your attendees.

xpodx© Lead Gathering

Exhibitors and conference speakers alike may use our high-tech badge scanners to track and qualify attendees who visit them. Our unobtrusive machines are excellent for lead tracking and/or attendance keeping. Since all scanner reports are printed on-site at the show, exhibitors don’t go home empty handed. In addition to paper reports, their data is also available on diskette and mailing labels for fast, efficient marketing follow-up.

Free Service

Our proven lead gathering system certainly adds value to your event. Exhibitors love it! And though we bring this high-tech edge to your event, there is no cost to show management for this service. We simply make our badge readers available to exhibitors for a nominal fee.

xpodx© Scanner Advantages

Users constantly praise our scanners as "the best in the industry". We think so too. Unlike other systems, which require power in the booth or a PC to connect with, xpodx scanners are completely self-contained and self-powered. It even features an internal paper audit trail system to ensure that all leads are forever captured should the scanner be dropped or damaged. Although unlikely that this will occur, this feature will give your exhibitors peace of mind that their data is safe.

Badge scanning will capture basic information typically found on a business card. If your exhibitors would like additional information on the visitor, we can program questions into the scanner which are answered at the press of a button. Answers to important user-defined questions like "Hot lead?", "Send Literature?", or "Main product interest?" will appear on their data report. This helps your exhibitors qualify their leads for proper follow-up action.

Customized Ticketing

Does your event feature any workshops, conferences, or luncheons where seating is limited or participation requires certain qualifications or fees? If so, try our computer generated ticketing system. More than just generic tickets, our system personalizes the ticket to the ticket-holder, the event, time, and place. In seconds, tickets and badges are printed as attendees check in. After our tickets are collected at the door, they can be scanned to provide a detailed attendance list of who actually came to this part of your event.

Management Reports

During the event and at its close, we provide Show Management with statistical reports invaluable for follow-up and planning of future events. This includes attendance summaries, breakdowns of the registrants by hour and category, no-show reports, computer selected winners (for drawings), and more.

We Love Small Events Too

For small events not requiring a registration system, we can still dress it up by supplying you with crisp, clear, legible name badges, inserted into a convenient clip-on holder. Just send us your list of names or provide it to us on diskette. This classy approach to name tags is much preferred over the messy "Hello my name is" stickers. As an added benefit, we can supply you with a detailed report for whom the badges were made. This data is also available on a computer diskette or mailing labels. Imagine how useful this becomes for follow-up or sending our invitations for your next event.

Badge Holder Supplies

If all you seek are holders for your self-made badges, we offer attractive clear plastic badge holders in a variety of styles including pin-on, or clip-on, single pocket or dual pocket to accommodate a "title", category tags, screen printed badge holders, ribbon titles, neck cords, and more.

Give Us A Call

Regardless of the size, theme, or complexity of your event, give us a call to learn how xpodx registration services can enhance your events. You can also request further information via email. Make registration a pleasant experience for all.

Calendar spots are on a "first come first served" basis. Detailed catalogues with Badge, Ticket, and Report Samples are available.  Call us toll free at 877-492-2460.

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