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How long does it take?

It takes just a second to scan an attendees badge.  Then, at the end of the day when we download your scans,  printing your report takes just a few moments. However, an exhibitor often prefers to drop off the badge reader on the way out each night, and pick it up with the lead report the following morning.  We prefer it for security and so we can top off the battery charge if needed.

Are my leads available in digital format as an attached file in Email so we don't have to re-type all that information when we get back to the office?

Yes!  Your data (names, addressess, phone numbers & frequently email addresses & fax numbers) are available in digital format.  Email files are sent after the close of the show.  The data is in comma separated .CSV format suitable for importing into all Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Database, and Contact Management Software programs (ie WORD, EXCEL, ACCESS, ACT,WORD PERFECT, and LOTUS to name but a few.)

Can I qualify leads to save time & money during follow-up?

Let us "program" your badge reader with up to seven custom questions! These questions can help you specify product interest, follow-up instructions or anything your sales department might need.  As you finish speaking to a prospective customer, just record the answers to each of your pre-defined questions with a push of a single button.

Sample Questions:

Decision Maker?
Yes             No

Interest Level:
1) Low     2) Medium    3) High

The questions & answers appear on your report along with the name, address and phone number of each prospect.  See more samples

For situations not covered by the badge reader's pre-programmed questions, xpodx speeds and simplifies note taking. Just use a notepad to record important details, and jot down the prospect's name or badge number.

A report showing the badge numbers, names and companies coordinates with your notes, helping you with clearly printed addresses. On request, your report may be arranged by badge number for very easy note matching.

When are the questions programmed into my badge reader?

We program the badge reader as soon as you return the questions and order form. If you need suggestions, we can help you design your questions to the guidelines required by the badge reader.

I need only names & addresses.  Do I have to ask questions?

You can get just names, addresses and phone numbers without having to pre-program the badge reader.

How do I order my badge reader?

Fill out and return the order form today!


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